How often do you check the Systems Status page?

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If you regularly make use of TEAS or PAIR or Patentcenter or EFS-Web, you probably find yourself checking the USPTO Systems Status and Availability web page (screen shot at right) from time to time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if somehow you could be notified automatically when that web page changes?  Well, now you can be notified automatically, if you choose to participate in a beta test of my new change-detection system.  Continue reading “How often do you check the Systems Status page?”

With ePCT, always have at least two kinds of 2FA

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There are quite a few ways to set up two-factor authentication in ePCT.  Last week there was a problem with the SMS-type 2FA in ePCT, and users who had failed to set up a second type of 2FA found themselves unable to log in.  This offers a reminder that you should always have at least two types of 2FA set up with your WIPO user ID.   I am delighted to report that I have successfully gotten it set up so that I can use my EPO smart card as a form of 2FA in ePCT.  Continue reading “With ePCT, always have at least two kinds of 2FA”

Still more must-read for ST26 enthusiasts

Hello dear readers.  In recent days I published two blog articles (July 15, 2022 and July 15, 2022) that are must-read articles for anybody who has filed any patent application on or after July 1, 2022 containing a sequence listing.  If you have filed any patent application (PCT or non-PCT) on or after July 1, 2022 that contains a sequence listing, and if you have not read those two blog articles, you should read them.  After that, you should return to this article and read this article.  This article has more information from nice people at WIPO about the ST26 issues that I raised in those articles.  Continue reading “Still more must-read for ST26 enthusiasts”