MTB XI – the photographs

Last night was Meet the Bloggers XI.  Yes, the eleventh annual reception.  Henry’s Pub, the same restaurant in San Diego where the first and original Meet the Bloggers took place ten years ago, was closed to the public for the night for this special event.  Meet the Bloggers XI In this exterior shot of the restaurant you can see maybe half of the people who attended this reception.

20150504_211441 In this shot you can see Erik Pelton giving out some of the door prizes.

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“out of the office until May 8th”?

Send an email today to a trademark practitioner located anywhere in the world, and likely as not you will receive an automatic reply like this:

Hello. I am out of the office until May 8 with limited access to email.  If this matter is urgent please contact my assistant so-and-so …

The reason, of course, is that the email recipient is in San Diego right now.  As am I.  If you are in San Diego and want to see me this week, the best way to do it is to drop by one of these two receptions.


How Madrid ten-year trademark renewals work

US trademark practitioners are just now starting to get asked by foreign clients to do a kimadrid-ren-4nd of filing that never existed before about September of 2014.  The filing is a ten-year Statement of Use for a US Madrid registration.  This blog article tries to explain such filings and how they are similar to and different from other US trademark maintenance and renewal filings.  If you already understand everything about the figure at right, you can skip reading this blog article!

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“Walk through time” at the USPTO

There’s a curious temporary display in the atrium at the USPTO.  Called “Walk through time”, it is a windingparis path with large printed labels on the floor, portraying various events in the history of the USPTO.  It starts with the founding of the patent office and proceeds through some sixty or so events to the present.  pct

My personal favorites are the 1887 event (the US joins the Paris Convention) and the 1970 event (the US joins the Patent Cooperation Treaty).


An excellent blog that you should subscribe to

(See a followup article.)

Law Professor Rebecca Tushnet (Georgetown Law School) has a fascinating blog called Rebecca Tushnet’s 43(B)log with a tagline of “False advertising and more”.  If you haven’t subscribed to her blog, you should.  One of her blog posts today is No dog in this fight: PTO makes a cancelled mark incontestable.  The story told by this posting is by turns amusing, puzzling, and astonishing as one reads about the manner in which the USPTO handled the underlying trademark application and registration.