Searching Authority fee changes effective January 1, 2017

The fees payable in US dollars for the services of various International Searching Authorities will change on January 1, 2017.  The following table lists the ISAs that are available to applicants filing in RO/US, ranked in descending order of cost for the first invention.

before January 1, 2017 US$ effective January 1, 2017 US$ second through nth inventions approximate US$
ISA/EP 2097 2103 € 1875 1985
ISA/US (large entity) 2080 2080 US$ 2080 2080
ISA/AU 1674 1688 AU$ 2200 1637
ISA/SG 1578 1641 SG$ 2240 1567
ISA/JP 1530 1536 ¥ 126000 1115
ISA/KR 1120 1177 ₩ 225000 191
ISA/US (small entity) 1040 1040 US$ 1040 1040
ISA/IL 912 938 ₪ 3529 911
ISA/US (micro entity) 520 520 US$ 520 520
ISA/RU 420 449 руб 28000 433

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ISA/US work product gets you on the Highway in the USPTO?

Carl Oppedahl in this 2011 Youtube video

This email came in today from someone (let’s call him “PY”) asking about PCT-PPH:

I watched your 2011 Youtube video on this subject and found it very useful. Thank you for sharing your expertise.
I have a question: If the favorable written opinion is from the USPTO in the PCT international phase, can you still use the PCT-PPH in a patent application pending in the USPTO?

PY’s question is actually a very smart question.  First I will explain why this is a very smart question, and then I will offer a practical answer to the question.
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Delay of 36 days at USPTO’s Assignment Branch

Readers will recall my previous post about big delays in the Assignment Branch at the USPTO.  As I reported in that post, we had e-filed an Assignment for recordation on October 10, 2016 and even after some weeks the Assignment Branch had not gotten around to giving us the all-important reel and frame number.  We had placed a followup call on October 27 reaching a nice fellow who told us that there was a backlog.  We placed another followup call on November 7 reaching a nice woman who said yes there was still a backlog.  On that day I posted the above-mentioned blog article and one reader posted a comment that she was able to top me.  She had e-filed an Assignment on October 6 that had not been recorded as of November 7.  Another reader posted a comment that he was able to top both of us, with an Assignment that he had e-filed on September 15 and that the Assignment Branch had not recorded as of November 7.

Anyway now there is news.  Today, November 15, USPTO has mailed a Notice of Recordation for this Assignment that we e-filed on October 10.  It took the Assignment Branch 36 days to get around to recording this Assignment.

WIPO’s PCT distance learning course

wipo-logoWIPO offers a distance learning course called Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty.  The course is free of charge.  My suggestion is that any person who is involved in providing services to clients relating to the PCT ought to take this course, pass the quizzes, and obtain the certificate of completion.  My suggestion extends to patent practitioners, paralegals, and administrative assistants.  I took the course just today and here is my certificate of completion.

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Trademark files from the days before computers

Today we received an interesting letter from the post-registration branch at the USPTO.  The letter says that the Section 15 papers that we filed a couple of months ago (to make a registration “incontestable“) are being bounced.  The Section 15 fee that we paid will be refunded, the letter explains.  The letter explains that the Section 15 papers that we filed “remain in the record”.  The Section 15 papers “will not be returned to you and will not be processed or reviewed.”  Can you guess why this happened?

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Speaking on PCT today in Boulder

bcbaI’ll be speaking today with a 2016 PCT update.  This is for the Boulder County Bar Association.  It is at noon, at the offices of Lathrop & Gage, 4845 Pearl East Circle, Boulder, CO 80301.  (map)

Topics include Best Practices for carrying out e-filing, filing Demands, making changes in bibliographic data, and picking a Searching Authority.

You can register here.

TTABlog’s got legs!

Clipboard02Today marks the twelfth anniversary of the TTABlog.  Yes, the first-ever posting of the TTABlog was on November 8, 2004.  Congratulations and thanks to John L. Welch for all these years of service to the trademark community!

By comparison the Ant-Like Persistence blog is a mere 2½ years old.

Again, kudos and thanks to John!