Today is the last day to file certain PTA correction requests

I have not encountered very many patent practitioners that noticed the Federal Register notice of May 15, 2014 entitled “Revisions To Implement the Patent Term Adjustment Provisions of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act Technical Corrections Act”.  This notice established today, July 31, 2014, as the last day on which you can file a certain type of request for adjustment of patent term.

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Astonishingly good system integration at WIPO

Just now I e-filed a PCT patent application in the Receiving Office of the International Bureau.  I did this using WIPO’s ePCT system.  And a mere sixty seconds later, I was able to click and see a draft of the front page of what will eventually be the eighteen-month publication, all the way down to the date (February 5, 2015) that it will probably be published.  I am astonished at the level of integration among WIPO’s various systems that must have been accomplished to make this possible.   Indeed there are half a dozen good things about this e-filing experience that deserve comment.

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Sign up before July 16 for the 18th annual AIPLA PCT Seminar

It’s July again, which means it is time for another AIPLA PCT Seminar.  This will be the 18th annual offering of the Seminar.  The Seminar will take place in Denver, Colorado on Monday and Tuesday July 21 and 22, and it will be offered a second time in Arlington, Virginia on Thursday and Friday July 24 and 25.  I will be among the faculty of this Seminar.  If the Seminar will take place a week from now, why is it so important to sign up before July 16?

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