Industrial Designs and Detroit test cars

a Detroit test car
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I live in aptly named Summit Country, Colorado at an altitude of about 9000 feet (about 2750 meters) above sea level.  (The photograph at the top of this blog page shows some of the mountains where I live, including two “fourteeners“, Grays Peak, which I have climbed, and Torreys Peak.)  The point of this blog article is that every year, about twice a year, a swarm of several dozen Detroit test cars arrives in Summit County.  This spring’s swarm of Detroit test cars has arrived, and this photograph shows one of them. Continue reading “Industrial Designs and Detroit test cars”

Design Day 2018 was a success!

Design Day 2018
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Design Day 2018 took place as scheduled on April 25, 2018 in the Madison auditorium (with remote events at regional patent offices).  Here you can see a portion of the audience.  The room was packed.

The program, which you can see here, was excellent.  Here are most of the slide presentations:

Webinar: learn about PDX and DAS

I will be teaching a webinar on Tuesday, May 8 about PDX and DAS.  Attend this webinar to learn about PDX and DAS or to reinforce what you already know.  This program will be of interest to anyone who works on inbound or outbound filings, whether Paris-based or PCT-based or Hague Agreement-based.

To learn more, or to register, click here.

Incorporation by reference in a PCT application?

A member of the PCT listserv recently posted a question in that listserv:

Hello everyone.

Are there any nuances or limitations to incorporating the content of a provisional application by reference in a PCT application (other than, I believe, including such statement in the request and the requirement that the application disclosure to be incorporated is a valid priority application)?  The goal is to preserve the less important disclosure of a somewhat lengthy provisional application for use later on, if needed, even possibly after filing national applications.  I plan to trim much of the provisional app disclosure in the PCT application to save costs.

Also, are there time limits or deadlines to actually add the material to the current application from the previous application that was incorporated by reference?  I am sure this is country specific.  But, any general input would be appreciated.

The general answer is “don’t try to incorporate by reference in a PCT application”.   Continue reading “Incorporation by reference in a PCT application?”

Using the PCT Publication Preview feature

The ePCT system has a very helpful feature which permits you to see a preview of what will eventually be the first page of your published PCT application.  This feature was mentioned in an article in the Practical Advice section of a recent issue of the PCT Newsletter.  I am delighted to be able to tell you that the article mentions a mistake made by yours truly and the way I fixed the mistake. Continue reading “Using the PCT Publication Preview feature”