Makes you think of?

Tesla charging station
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Okay, dear readers, tell me the truth — the instant you saw these Tesla charging pedestals, didn’t you immediately think of another consumer product?

Louboutin shoe
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Didn’t you instantly think of this Louboutin shoe?

By the way, for the electrical engineers among us, the transformer behind the charging stations is a 350KVA transformer.  Yes, this Tesla supercharging station, which has eight charging pedestals, might consume almost one-third of a megawatt of power if eight cars were plugged in at the same time.

8 Replies to “Makes you think of?”

  1. No, but then I don’t know anyone who wears those ridiculous shoes. The red accent in the Tesla charging stations is functional. Some of the competitive charging stations are orange and bright green. Drivers need to be able to easily spot them.

  2. I hear if you go through the opening with red side walls, it works like a portal tele-transport to a parallel word.

  3. I love you all – but only those who wear great shoes “get” the Louboutins. Sorry guys. Carl – next time I see you I hope I am wearing a pair! And I wish I had a Tesla in my driveway!

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