Time zones and ePCT

Yesterday I blogged about the fact that Europe and US do their daylight saving time changes on different weekends:  E-filing at WIPO – you get an extra hour.  This prompted Ann Bardini of WIPO to write to me to offer a reminder of some of the features of ePCT that help users to keep track of when midnight is coming and when a filer’s last possible filing date is imminent.  With her permission I have more or less converted her email message into the following guest blog posting. Continue reading “Time zones and ePCT”

Tenterhooks, or how the Hobson’s choice came out

Maybe some readers of the blog have been on tenterhooks for the past two days, hoping to hear what meal I was eventually offered yesterday on my return flight from Maryland (blog article Hobson’s choice) after attending the sixteen annual Patent Cooperation Treaty Advisory Group Working Breakfast sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization. The answer follows. Continue reading “Tenterhooks, or how the Hobson’s choice came out”

Tomorrow is Mole Day

I trust that readers of this blog who are chemistry enthusiasts are paying attention to the fact that tomorrow is Mole Day.  The observance of Mole Day runs from 6:02 AM tomorrow (10/23 or October 23) to 6:02 PM.

Have you made special plans for Mole Day?  Please post a comment below.