Tenterhooks, or how the Hobson’s choice came out

Maybe some readers of the blog have been on tenterhooks for the past two days, hoping to hear what meal I was eventually offered yesterday on my return flight from Maryland (blog article Hobson’s choice) after attending the sixteen annual Patent Cooperation Treaty Advisory Group Working Breakfast sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization. The answer follows.

Any time a flight attendant passes through the first-class section of an airplane, there is no choice about it that someone must be the last person to be asked which of the two entrees they would like to select.  And on this flight I was that person.  And indeed what I was offered was the Buffalo chicken with creamy cauliflower rice and carrots and celery.  This is the very same entree I could have selected several days in advance as described in the earlier blog article.  

I will report that I found it to be very tasty and I joined the clean-plate club.

But yes it seems from this that the airline and the catering company have gotten things coordinated so well that the airline is able to poll its front-cabin passengers several days in advance as to which of two entrees each passenger might prefer.

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