Registration now open: AIPLA PCT Seminar

The 22nd annual AIPLA PCT Seminar is now open for registration.  This will be Monday, July 23 and Tuesday, July 24 at AIPLA headquarters in Crystal City, Virginia.

This Seminar differs from many other PCT Seminars because it has such a large number of excellent presenters.  These will include a WIPO person, a USPTO person, and four experienced practitioners — Mark Guetlich, Mary Drabnis, Jeremy Smith and myself.

For more information, or to register, click here.

Reprise of PDX-DAS webinar

The May 8, 2018 webinar on this topic was well received.  But many people missed the webinar and asked if it will be repeated.  So we are presenting this webinar again, with updates.  For example:

  • On June 1, 2018 the Denmark patent office will become an Accessing Office in the DAS system
  • On June 1, 2018 the Netherlands patent office will become a member of the DAS system

This will be a live webinar, not a replay of a recording. Continue reading “Reprise of PDX-DAS webinar”

EPO is [not yet] an Accessing Office in DAS

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Update:  I have heard from WIPO that this was a temporary thing, as part of the testing for EPO becoming an Accessing Office.  WIPO has now finished the test and the Certificates of Availability as of today no longer mention EPO.  

It is still planned that EPO will commence its participation in DAS in the second half of 2018.

Neither EPO or WIPO has yet announced it, but I am delighted to be able to report that EPO is now an Accessing Office in the DAS systemContinue reading “EPO is [not yet] an Accessing Office in DAS”

Meet the Bloggers XIV was a success!

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Meet the Bloggers XIV was very successful.

From left to right, blogger/sponsors Erik Pelton, John Welch, Pamela Chestek, Tara Aaron, Marty Schwimmer, Carl Oppedahl, Ron Coleman. (Not shown: blogger and sponsor Marc Randazza.)

To make sure that you hear about the details for MTB-XV in Boston in 2019, be sure to subscribe to all or nearly all of the blogs.

Monday: ten kinds of beer!

Hopefully you are planning to attend the E-Trademarks Listserv reception this coming Monday evening, May 21 in Seattle.  This will be at the Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant.  For more information, or to RSVP, click here.

I stopped by the brewery today and they gave me their list of beers that will be on tap for the reception.  You can see the detailed list here, and this is a simplified list:

  • Traditional German Biers
    • Golden Export – Dortmunder Lager – light and refreshing
    • Marzen – Oktoberfest – malty and roasted
    • Czech Pilsner – Bohemian pilsner – hoppy
    • Hefewizen – German wheat bier – fruity and spicy   
  • Modern American Craft and other styles
    • Maibock – German-style lager – malty and strong
    • Belgian pale ale – belgian ale – fruity and spicy
    • Mexi-lager – lager – light and refreshing
    • Belgian IPA – Belgo-style ale – fruity and hoppy
    • The Beast Imperial IPA – India pale ale – hoppy and strong
    • Imperial Stout – stout – dark


Time to register for the PCT Seminar in Colorado (June 13-15)

It’s time to register for this PCT Seminar which will take place June 13-15 in Westminster, Colorado.  One reason to register now is that the hotel guest room block will be available only until May 22.  Another reason to register now is that coupon code “blog18”, which gives you an extra $100 off the registration price, expires May 22.

Still another reason to make plans now, if you will be flying to Colorado for the Seminar, is that you will want to make your air travel reservations.  Probably you would want to arrive at least as early as June 12.

If you’re on the fence and have not yet decided whether or not to attend the Seminar, I invite you to take a look at these handwritten comments from people who attended a recent Seminar that I presented.