Monday: ten kinds of beer!

Hopefully you are planning to attend the E-Trademarks Listserv reception this coming Monday evening, May 21 in Seattle.  This will be at the Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant.  For more information, or to RSVP, click here.

I stopped by the brewery today and they gave me their list of beers that will be on tap for the reception.  You can see the detailed list here, and this is a simplified list:

  • Traditional German Biers
    • Golden Export – Dortmunder Lager – light and refreshing
    • Marzen – Oktoberfest – malty and roasted
    • Czech Pilsner – Bohemian pilsner – hoppy
    • Hefewizen – German wheat bier – fruity and spicy   
  • Modern American Craft and other styles
    • Maibock – German-style lager – malty and strong
    • Belgian pale ale – belgian ale – fruity and spicy
    • Mexi-lager – lager – light and refreshing
    • Belgian IPA – Belgo-style ale – fruity and hoppy
    • The Beast Imperial IPA – India pale ale – hoppy and strong
    • Imperial Stout – stout – dark


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