Why we stopped using Afex for incoming bank wires

We receive many bank wires each month from patent and trademark firms outside of the US.  Some months ago in a flurry of micro-managing, I happened upon the realization that Wells Fargo was charging us anywhere in the range of $16-27 per incoming foreign bank wire.  This prompted us to switch over to Afex as a way to receive incoming bank wires, because Afex will receive such wires free of charge.

But we have decided to stop using Afex for incoming bank wires, and we are now using TransferWise to receive our incoming bank wires.  This blog article describes why. Continue reading “Why we stopped using Afex for incoming bank wires”

N26 in the United States

Many readers of this blog are doubtless aware of N26, a German bank that is expanding to the US.  I had put myself on their waiting list some months ago.  (According to news reports about 100,000 people in the US had put themselves on that waiting list.)  A week or so ago an email arrived saying that Real Soon Now I would have an opportunity to actually open an account.  Today another email arrived saying yes I really can open an account.  Which I have done.  And I have a few initial reactions. Continue reading “N26 in the United States”