What about the security of SIP (VOIP) communications?

Recently I blogged with a recommendation that readers migrate their $40 or $55 per month landlines to VOIP lines that cost as little as 85¢ per month.  In response, alert reader and Portuguese and European patent attorney Luís Ferreira asked:

What about security? SIP communications are not normally encrypted?

His questions are good questions.  Here are a few partial answers.

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Reluctant to migrate from PCT-SAFE to ePCT?

A colleague at a very well known patent firm asks this:

Some of our clients (a few very large, sophisticated patent clients) refuse to let us move from PCT-Safe to ePCT for their matters since they claim the ePCT servers are located outside the US and that, at a minimum, a foreign-filing license would first be required prior to filing.  Do you have any related experiences with clients?  If so, how did you address their concerns?

First let me offer a compliment to those companies.  It is really good that they think about the FFL issue.  A company (or a practitioner) that fails to pay attention to FFL issues can really run into trouble later. Continue reading “Reluctant to migrate from PCT-SAFE to ePCT?”