Meet the Bloggers XIII was a success

Meet the Bloggers XIII
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Meet the Bloggers XIII
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Meet the Bloggers XIII was a success!  The reception was on the beach in Barcelona.  The surf crashed on the sand.  Cruise ships and sailboats passed by on the ocean.  Tapas and beverages were consumed.  Over a hundred people attended.

One more event to attend and then you can feel you have accomplished nearly all of your INTA goals.  Yes, the e-Trademarks listserv reception lies ahead, tomorrow (Tuesday) evening.

The two receptions to attend in Barcelona redux

Hopefully everybody who is in Barcelona for the INTA meeting already has their ribbons to attend the two must-attend receptions:

The weather in Barcelona is delightful just now.  MTB XIII will be at Xup Xup which is a beachfront venue.  The e-Trademarks reception will be at Opera Samfina which is in the middle of La Rambla.

See you there!

Post-reg is slow

(Updated to include screen shot from USPTO’s dashboard, thanks to Ken Boone.)

The post-registration branch at the USPTO — the group of people whose job it is to look at a six-year renewal or a ten-year renewal — sure is slow sometimes.

We have one where we filed our renewal on March 22, 2017.  The post-reg people accepted it on May 9, 2017 (which is what prompted today’s blog post).  Actually that was only six or seven weeks which was faster than many cases.  We had one recently that took almost five months to get looked at.  We filed the renewal on October 18, 2016 and it did not get looked at until April 4, 2017.

The problem of course is that if post-reg takes five months to look at a renewal, and if post-reg finds some real or imagined flaw in the renewal papers, then there is precious little time to try to straighten things out.  In this case with the delay of almost five months, the post-reg person bounced the renewal because of a flaw that was merely imagined, not real.  We argued with the post-reg person, but we had our backs against the wall because the renewal window was going to expire in just a few days.  Fortunately the post-reg person withdrew the bounce.  But still this forced the client to endure uncertainty for almost five months, for no good reason.

It sure will be good when the USPTO gets the post-reg branch back to normal.

Identify this music-on-hold song and win a prize

Okay folks here is a chance to win a free digital multimeter.

What prompts this is that I keep hearing a particular music-on-hold (MOH) song on lots of different tech support and customer service systems.  So I figure this song is probably one of the standard royalty-free MOH songs that comes with the Asterisk phone system or something.  You can hear the song here.

To win the prize, post a comment with a link to the web page where this particular MOH song can be downloaded.


ISA/IL search fee to increase on July 1, 2017

The Israel Patent Office presently charges a search fee of $911 for US filers.  On July 1, 2017 this fee will increase to $963.

At the present time, very few US PCT filers pick ISA/IL.  So this fee increase will not affect very many US PCT filers.

ISA/RU search fee increases today

Today the search fee paid by a US filer for the Russian patent office as International Searching Authority increases from $449 to $482.  (I first reported this here on March 17, 2017.)

Filers who use EFS-Web to file in RO/US, or who use PCT-SAFE or ePCT to file in RO/IB, will not need to worry about getting this right.  Each of those e-filing systems has already been updated today to reflect the new fee.