Identify this music-on-hold song and win a prize

Okay folks here is a chance to win a free digital multimeter.

What prompts this is that I keep hearing a particular music-on-hold (MOH) song on lots of different tech support and customer service systems.  So I figure this song is probably one of the standard royalty-free MOH songs that comes with the Asterisk phone system or something.  You can hear the song here.

To win the prize, post a comment with a link to the web page where this particular MOH song can be downloaded.


6 Replies to “Identify this music-on-hold song and win a prize”

      1. I really enjoyed the This American Life story (which is linked in the Atlantic article) on one man’s quest to identify this music.

  1. The name of the song is Opus No. 1 by Tim Carleton & Darrick Deel and it can be accessed/downloaded via the link below.

    [link deleted – see Amazon link in comment below – CO]


  2. According to Shazam, the song is “Opus No. 1” by Tim Carleton & Darrick Deel. I guess I’m too late to be the winner.

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