A new speed test

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A year ago I posted about a speed test.  Since then I have set up a new speed test that I like better.

One thing to keep in mind if you use our new speed test is that it is not measuring “how fast your internet connection is”.  It is measuring “how fast your internet connection is to our server in Colorado”.  If you do the test and if you get slow numbers, it might be because of some slow place between your location and our server in Colorado.

For us at OPLF this tells us something about how good our remote access is likely to be (for example for an employee who is on the road) to our file servers and other network resources.

The speed test looks up the user’s IP address and in a geographical database and works out a guess as to how far away the user is from our server.

Most speed tests measure three things — download speed, upload speed, and ping time.  This speed test also calculates a measure of “jitter“.

The entire speed test is open-source, the main coder being a smart fellow named Federico Dossena.  We provide a link that you can click on to see the open-source code.  This was my first time using GitHub, which was pretty interesting to learn about.


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