An ST26 webinar: looking inside a sequence listing with Notepad

The transition from ST25 to ST26 (WIPO web site) is sometimes called “the big bang”.   The big bang was originally scheduled for January 1, 2022.  Now it is set for July 1, 2022, less than five months from now.  Maybe you’d like you look inside an ST26 sequence listing with Notepad to see what is inside?

OPLF will soon host a free-of-charge webinar that will provide a guided tour of the interior of a simple ST25 sequence listing — just a few nucleotides.  We will view the ST25 sequence listing using Notepad.  With this sequence listing laid open for view on the screen, practitioner Carl Oppedahl will point out the basic structure of this old-style sequence listing.  Biotech practitioner <name to follow> will discuss a few biotech aspects of this old-style sequence listing.  WIPO’s IP data expert Emma Francis will then offer comments on the ST25 listing from her point of view.

Then we will turn to the corresponding sequence listing presented in the new format, fetchingly named ST26.  It contains the same few nucleotides, but in the new XML format.  Again we will open the sequence listing on the screen using Notepad.  Carl will point out the basic XML structure of this new-style sequence listing, including new fields that were not present in the ST25 sequence listing.  <name> will discuss some biotech aspects of the similarities and differences in this new-style sequence listing.   Emma will conclude with comments about the two formats.

We will then have a limited amount of time for some questions and answers from attendees.  A more lengthy discussion will follow by email on the ST26 listserv, an email discussion group of more than eighty people who are interested in ST26.  If you have not yet joined the ST26 listserv, you should probably do so.  To join the ST26 listerv, click here.

The goals for this webinar are very narrow — looking around inside the two kinds of sequence listing to understand the basic formats.  This webinar will notfor example, provide training in the use of the WIPO Sequence tool for creating ST26 sequence listings.  (WIPO has presented many webinars introducing the WIPO Sequence tool and you can see recordings of the webinars here.)  

The date and time for this webinar has not yet been set.  If you think you would probably like to attend this free-of-charge webinar, please click here to leave your contact information, so that OPLF can let you know when the webinar does get scheduled.