Refunding an unused Woocommerce shipping label

Let’s suppose you bought a Woocommerce shipping label, and you now realize that you screwed up.  Now you want to refund the label.

The important thing here is to be very sure that you did not actually use the shipping label.  It will be a big problem if you try to get a refund for the label and if you also try to use the shipping label.  If you never actually printed out the shipping label, that would be a fairly safe situation.  But if you have actually printed out the shipping label, then you need to worry what if somehow the printed label gets taken to the post office and gets scanned at the post office and put to use.  It is very important to destroy the label so that you have eliminated the risk that the label would get put to use.

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The Easter Egg for this function is the three little dots next to the tracking number in the “shipment tracking” box.  You go to the order that you are worried about, and you go to the “shipment tracking” box.  The three little dots will be horizontal.  Then you click on the three little dots and the three little dots change to vertical, and an Easter Egg menu will pop up, as you see above.  The Easter Egg menu offers four choices:

  • view details
  • schedule a pickup
  • request refund
  • reprint shipping label

To request a refund for the label, you click on “request refund”.  Yet another pop-up window will appear, warning you that you will get in big trouble if you try to get a refund and if the shipping label also gets put into use.  You can then click a box saying that you are very sure, and that you do want a refund.  The Woocommerce shipping system will then create a refund request.  If everything goes okay (if the USPS eventually decides that the shipping label never really did get put into use) then we will receive a refund in 10-14 days.

At this point the big red “create shipping label” button will return.  This will give you an opportunity to try again with printing a new shipping label if you wish.

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