Someone changed the title of my PCT application?

A member of the PCT Listserv (which you should join) asked:

WIPO (or the ISA) changed the title of my PCT application. But I can’t work out when/where/how/why it was done. The A2 publication has one title (the one we gave it). The A3 publication has a slightly different title. Interestingly, the change narrowed the title in a similar way to the way the Written Opinion said that the claimed invention should be narrowed. Any suggestions?

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Best Practices for docketing PCT

Here are a few thoughts about Best Practices for docketing and the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

(Thanks to alert reader Lynn F. McMiller who pointed out a typo in the article.  Lynn will be receiving a free copy of the Bodenhausen book.)

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Yet another reason to sign up for the AIPLA PCT Seminar later this month

There’s yet one more reason to sign up for the AIPLA PCT Seminar later this month.  (July 20-21 in San Francisco, July 23-24 in Alexandria, Virginia.)  If you sign up for the Seminar, this includes admission to a “primer” webinar on Tuesday, July 14.  The primer provides an introduction to the PCT system so that attendees are better prepared for the Seminar itself which is a bit more advanced.  You can see more information here.

Carl at National Association of Patent Practitioners annual meeting

As a reminder I will be a speaker at the annual meeting of the National Association of Patent Practitioners, this coming weekend in Denver.  On Saturday afternoon I will give an introduction to the Hague Agreement.  On Sunday afternoon I will give a presentation called Get Patents Fast!, discussing the various initiatives at the USPTO for getting patents fast.  I am told that NAPP will for the first time do some live streaming of its programming, offering a way to earn CLE credit remotely.  Continue reading “Carl at National Association of Patent Practitioners annual meeting”

Update on USPTO’s provisions for Japanese searching authority

Yesterday I blogged about how the choice of the Japanese searching authority for filers in RO/US seemed not to be well supported by USPTO in EFS-Web.  The EFS-Web page for payment of search fees did not list a choice for ISA/JP.  I reported that the USPTO’s Electronic Business Center (EBC) agreed it was missing and suggested that the way to pay the fee was to fax in Form 2038.

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USPTO foot-dragging on implementation of ISA/JP

(Followup article has been posted.  Although the EBC did not know about it, there is a way to pay the ISA/JP fee in EFS-Web.)

Supposedly as of yesterday, PCT filers filing in RO/US were able to pick ISA/JP as their searching authority.  You can see the press release that says this.  And I blogged about this option back on June 19. But it looks like USPTO is dragging its feet on this. Continue reading “USPTO foot-dragging on implementation of ISA/JP”

Register now for AIPLA PCT Seminar later this month

Later this month are the AIPLA PCT Seminars.   You need to sign up if you have not already done so.  You can see the details here.  It’s Monday and Tuesday, the 20th and 21st, in San Francisco.  And it’s Thursday and Friday, the 23rd and 24th, in Alexandria, Virginia.

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