Worsening backlogs at some Global Entry interview centers

geLast April I blogged about the unreasonable delays due to backlogs for interview appointments at Global Entry interview centers.  Back then, at San Francisco airport, the backlog was five months.  Back then, at Portland (Oregon) airport, the backlog was four months.  At Denver airport, there was simply no appointment available no matter how long you were willing to wait.  The backlog was essentially infinite.

How are things now, in October of 2016?  At San Francisco airport, the backlog has worsened to six months.  At Portland airport, the backlog has worsened to seven months.  And at Denver airport, the backlog is still infinite.  No appointments are available there.   I checked Los Angeles International airport – the backlog there is six months.  Boston Logan Airport has a backlog of nine months.

The folks in charge of Global Entry need to staff their interview locations appropriately to reduce the backlog.


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Long backlogs at Global Entry interview offices

(See update here.)

I guess I should not be surprised that the USPTO is not the only US government agency with long backlogs.ge

Someone I know recently applied for Global Entry — the very handy program that speeds up immigrations entry into the US and gets you into TSA’s Precheck security screening.  He then received the “conditional approval” and an invitation letter to attend an interview at a Global Entry interview office.

That’s great!  All he has to do now is make an appointment at one of the interview offices, and show up for the appointment, and he will be a member of Global Entry.

Except that interviews are not easy to get.

This is quite a surprise to me.  It seems to me that the Global Entry folks need to staff up the interview offices appropriately so that there are enough people to do the interviews without delays of four and five months (or forever in the case of Denver).