USPTO is closed today, Monday, March 17

USPTO is closed today, Monday, March 17 as a snow day.

Anything that you might have needed to file today to meet a USPTO due date may be postponed until tomorrow, Tuesday March 18.  But there are some things to watch out for.

USPTO’s TEAS and ESTTA systems for e-filing trademark papers were not, it seems, programmed to be able to handle snow days correctly.  So if you postpone a last-day trademark filing from March 17 to March 18 you might need to do it by fax or mail instead of via TEAS.  Hopefully USPTO will eventually bring these two systems up to date to be able to handle snow days correctly.

Some last-day filings at USPTO are done not to satisfy a USPTO due date but to satisfy a foreign due date, for example under Article 4 of the Paris Convention.  Examples include a PCT filing in USPTO as Receiving Office and a Madrid Protocol filing in USPTO as Office of Origin.  Such filings, if due today, should not be put off until tomorrow.

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