A mistake for USPTO to correct in one of its forms

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USPTO’s form PTO/AIA/01/DE (version of June 2012) uses a wrong word as quoted at right, and needs to be corrected.

The English word of interest here “application” which the form incorrectly translates as “Bewerbung”.  That German word only makes sense as for example a job application, not a patent application.  The correct German word in the context of a patent application is “Anmeldung”.


3 Replies to “A mistake for USPTO to correct in one of its forms”

  1. What would we do with Carl’s blog? I mean seriously “Bewerbung”.

    Thanks for everything you do for patent professionals!


  2. You are most welcome.

    I guess the main thing is to tell folks about the blog and invite them to subscribe to the blog if they have not already done so.

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