A new listserv for ST.26 users

For many years, those who e-file genetic sequence listings have prepared and filed the listings using a standard called ST.25.  A successor standard fetchingly named ST.26 has been agreed upon by all of the patent offices of the world.  It is XML-based.  A software tool has been developed by WIPO which users can use to create, edit, and verify ST.26 sequence listings.  

I have set up a new listserv named ST26@oppedahl-lists.com for email discussions relating to the use of ST.26.  This listserv will chiefly be of interest to those who work with sequence listings when they file patent applications. 

This listserv joins the many other intellectual-property related listservs hosted by OPLF, for example for trademark practitioners, for users of the Patent Cooperation Treaty, for users of USPTO’s Patentcenter, for users of the Madrid Protocol, for protection of industrial designs, and for protection of copyrights.

To find out more about the new ST.26 listserv or to subscribe to the ST.26 listserv, click here.

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