A new podcast series about the Patent Cooperation Treaty

I’ve started a podcast series about the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Thus far I have recorded three episodes. I’m guessing it will take about forty episodes to cover all of the things that I want to cover. I’m making these podcasts available free of charge. To make this work I have set up a podcast server which you can see here.

The series starts at the beginning, assuming no familiarity with the PCT, and assuming only a basic familiarity with patents generally.

I wonder how many readers already have software on their computer or smart phone or tablet for subscribing and listening to podcasts. If you are such a reader, you can probably easily subscribe by loading this link into your podcast reader:

If you do get your app to work with these lectures, I would be grateful if you can post a comment below.

And if you find the lectures helpful, I would also be delighted if you were to post a comment below.

9 Replies to “A new podcast series about the Patent Cooperation Treaty”

  1. The feed works fine in my podcast app – BeyondPod. I just entered the feed URL, and the feed and its episodes appeared on my phone. It would have been easier if I were able to simply find the podcast by searching “Oppedahl” within my podcast app, but perhaps it takes significant time and energy to get a podcast listed in various directories.
    Carl – one suggestion: I knew to obtain the podcast URL by right-clicking on the orange RSS icon in your post above, but perhaps others would not know to do that. So perhaps also provide the URL in plain text, explaining that it can be copy-pasted into a podcast app.
    Oh – and thank you! Podcasts are a great way to learn while doing mindless tasks. I can now refresh my PCT knowledge while walking my dog!

    1. Thank you for posting. Yes, I launched the podcast server two days ago (September 2) and on that day I submitted the feed to all of the usual directories and feed aggregators. This includes iTunes, Google Play, and Tunein as well as several others. Then it is a matter of waiting for them to take action. For example in iTunes the status of the feed is “submitted for review”. I am told this often takes two weeks.

      I do note that if you go to Google and plug in “patent cooperation treaty podcast”, my server comes up as about the third hit.

      And if you go to Google and plug in “oppedahl podcast” it is the first hit.

      But yes of course I am hoping that Real Soon Now the various directories and aggregators will act upon my feed which I have submitted to them.

    2. iTunes has now approved the podcast feed. So by now I think the podcasts are in all of the major directories. I’d be grateful if you could try the search again and see if it works better than before.

  2. Thanks for setting up the podcasts!

    I use TuneIn on my Android phone. All I had to do was search for ‘patent cooperation’ and there you were!

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