Brazil joins the Hague system

Brazil has joined the Hague system. 

The Hague system will enter into force in Brazil on August 1, 2023.  Starting on that date, filers in Brazil will be able to seek the protection of their designs in any of the 96 countries covered by the Hague System, by filing just one international application.  Starting on that date, Hague filers outside of Brazil will be able to designate Brazil in newly filed international design applications.

With this accession to the Hague system, Brazil has achieved the trefecta — membership in all three of the international intellectual property filing systems:

    • Brazil joined the Madrid Protocol on October 2, 2019 (blog article)
    • Brazil joined the Patent Cooperation Treaty on April 9, 1978

This accession by Brazil extends the geographical scope of the Hague system to 96 countries.

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