CLE opportunity in Michigan on March 16

2015CK4720Last year the Intellectual Property Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan invited me to speak at their Spring Seminar 2014 in East Lansing, Michigan.  It was a delightful event, well organized and well attended.  From the point of view of a speaker, what’s nice is when an audience has lots of good questions.  This was such an audience.  I am delighted that they have invited me back to speak at this year’s Spring Seminar 2015.

You can see the program and brochure.  It will be Monday, March 16, again in East Lansing.  Fellow intellectual property bloggers Martin Schwimmer (The Trademark Blog) and Eugene Quinn (IPWatchdog) will also be presenting, each of them in a plenary session.

Here is Marty’s topic:

The Law of Shapes to Come: IP Protection for 3-Dimensional Objects.  Martin Schwimmer covers the latest developments surrounding IP protection and 3-D objects. Will desktop 3-D scanners disrupt IP law as photo-copiers, VCRs, and MP3s did? Hear a discussion of design patent, copyright, and trade dress protection of “shapes.”

Here is Gene’s topic:

Lunch Presentation: The Patent Pendulum.  Over the past few years, U.S. patent law has swung away from strong patent rights. Older patent cases long thought of as defunct are becoming relevant again. IP Watchdog blogger Gene Quinn explores how and why patent owner rights have eroded, and proffers strategies you can use to deal with this “patent pendulum” swing going forward.

Here is my topic:

Nuts and Bolts of Responding to 102 and 103 Rejections.  Learn the ins and outs of responding to 102 and 103 rejections, like whether the Examiner is using the correct 102/103—the “new” (post-AIA) version or the “old” (pre-AIA) version. Know when to consider converting your pre-AIA case into a post-AIA case (especially if your case is a national phase of a PCT application).

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