Danish patent office is now an Accessing Office in DAS

The list of Accessing Offices in the DAS system continues to grow.  As I blogged on May 26, 2018, the Danish Patent and Trademark Office (DKPTO) had announced that it would soon become an Accessing Office in the DAS system.  Today is the day!  As of today, DKPTO is an Accessing Office in DAS.

It is recalled that DKPTO has been a member of the DAS system since October of 2011.  But for all these years, DKPTO was only a Depositing Office, not an Accessing Office.  The big news today is that DKPTO is now both a Depositing Office and an Accessing Office.

This means that if an applicant files a patent application in DKPTO that claims priority from a patent application filed anywhere else, the DAS system may be used to provide an electronic certified copy of the priority application to DKPTO.


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