DAS and Designs – slides and recording

Hello faithful readers.  USPTO’s Design Day 2020 was set for April 23, 2020.  I was going to present at Design Day on the topic of DAS and Designs:

Practical tips on using WIPO’s Digital Access Service (DAS), which is growing in popularity for design practitioners.

Then it got canceled — you know why it got canceled.  So I made a plan to present my material instead as a webinar.  The webinar took place on March 31, 2020.  There was a lot of very helpful audience participation and I think the webinar went well as a consequence.

You can download the slides here and you can view a recording of the webinar here.

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5 Replies to “DAS and Designs – slides and recording”

  1. This is extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing. Sorry I have not watched the full video yet so maybe you covered this but if we are filing an incoming Paris filing from KR and the KR agent does not have a certificate of availability, can we just use the DAS number and try to obtain it ourselves on the WIPO site or do we need special permission or access first to obtain this certificate?

    The whole system seems a bit wonky with lots of manual checking to make sure the USPTO got the copies. It would sure be nice if we got a special notice or even a phone call when they were unable to obtain the digital copies. One can dream….

    1. Yes we did cover this in the webinar. You can use the DAS access code to obtain a Certificate of Availability yourself. And then you set set up “tracking”.

  2. Thank you very much for presenting this webinar and one on Paperless PCT, and for making the recordings available.

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