EFS-Web is working but …

EFS-Web is working but … don’t get your hopes up that you will be able to see in-progressresults in PAIR.

Not only that, don’t get your hopes up that you will even be able to see your Acknowledgment Receipts.

We filed one new patent application this morning at 7:27 AM Mountain Time.  It’s now 1:45 PM Mountain Time, meaning that more than six hours have passed.  And despite the passage of six hours, the newly filed application is not visible in PAIR.  And indeed when we click on “View last 40 eFiling Acknowledgement Receipts” we are not permitted to view the ack receipt for this filing of six hours ago.  Instead the ack receipt has the dreaded “In Progress” legend instead of a “View” link.

This would have been a really good day to staff the EBC.  But I am pretty sure we won’t be able to reach anyone at the EBC until tomorrow (Monday) morning.  I would have asked the EBC to “open a ticket” to get our case into PAIR, this case that we filed more than six hours ago.

We filed another new patent application this morning at 11:29 AM.  That’s more than two hours ago.  Still not visible in PAIR.  Still no ack receipt, only the “In Progress” message.

But anyway yes EFS-Web does seem more or less to be working.

If you do an EFS-Web filing today and if you later actually see your results in Private PAIR, I would be grateful if you can post a comment about it.

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  1. I can file responses in EFS-Web (including those with fees paid by deposit account). I cannot file e-terminal disclaimers.

  2. EFS still not working. We’re trying to pay an issue fee and can navigate through the system but when “submit” is clicked we get a “Your request could not be completed at this time. Please try again later” error.

    1. Just now we successfully paid an Issue Fee. But the papers that we e-filed are not yet visible in IFW. Maybe in some hours or days the papers will be visible in IFW.

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