Enjoying a patent wall

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Let me tell you about a recent delightful experience.  I was in Manhattan, got to the building where my client Sendyne is located, and  stepped out of the elevator when I reached the floor that I wanted.  I was greeted by Sendyne’s Patent Wall (photograph above, click to enlarge).  What a treat!  You can see how important patents are to this company.  And if you get up close to the plaques, you can see that each patent lists my firm as the “attorney, agent or firm”.  Very gratifying!

I then had the pleasure of sitting down with two of Sendyne’s inventors to discuss some of their most recent inventions.  Barring some surprise, within a year or two we will probably add a few more plaques to this Patent Wall.

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  1. A couple of my clients do the same thing. And it feels great when I arrive at their offices to see our firm’s handiwork!

  2. The lobby of The Battelle Memorial Institute has the same wall. Also included are numerous R&D 100 awards. Inventors need 14 patents to be included on the wall.

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