Excellent wifi at Design Day XIII

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I am delighted to report that USPTO is providing really excellent wifi at today’s Design Day.

Design Day takes place in the main auditorium in the Madison Building in Alexandria (and also at remote locations via videocast).  (By the way, the auditorium has been recently named for Clara Barton.)  In past years, the wifi did not manage to keep up with the several hundred people who were all wanting to connect their computers and other devices to the wifi.  In past years the connection often would slow to a crawl or would fail completely.

I have served on the planning committee for Design Day for the past few years.  Some months ago I had asked USPTO people if perhaps the wifi could be enhanced so as to better serve the Design Day attendees.

I am delighted to report that the wifi at today’s Design Day is wonderful.  Hundreds of people are connected, and for all of these hundreds of people the connection speed is more than ten million bits per second.   You can click above to see these speeds.  (By the way, keep this URL handy — it is our firm’s own speed test server and you are welcome to use it.  Also keep handy the telephone number +1 720 230 1331 which is our firm’s own VOIP test number for testing your VOIP telephone connections.  You are welcome to use that number as well.)

Kudos to the USPTO design day people, and to their IT enablers, for providing this high quality wifi.

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