Wow.  If you want to learn a new word now and again, hang out with the folks in the PCT Listserv.  Here’s a PCT Listserv posting of earlier today by list member Jim Boff:

I think you have said it all.

  • The requirements of the US are seen by the rest of the world as replete in fuliginous obscurity.
  • The requirements of the rest of the world are seen in like respect by the US.
  • The rest of the world is not in total harmony and look upon each other in suspicion.
  • Patents are property and people get difficult about property.
  • If there was such a thing as a form of patent assignment that was agreed valid in all jurisdictions and that required minimal formalities to be valid everywhere that would be a wonderful thing and devoutly to be wished for.

But you mention notarisation?

If you want it simple there has to be compromise everywhere on formalities, in the US as well as outside the US.

Jim Boff

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