Get your numbers in for the 2015 Design Patent Toteboard

A year ago I published the 2014 Design Patent Toteboard.  Now it’s time to finalize and publish the 2015 Design Patent Toteboard.

The goal of this toteboard is to list the firms that helped clients to obtain US design patents in 2015.  It will rank the firms according to the number of US design patents obtained.  Respondents are asked to report only US design patents for which the firm is listed on the front page of the granted patent.  Please respond by January 15, 2015.

To respond, click here.


4 Replies to “Get your numbers in for the 2015 Design Patent Toteboard”

  1. When you ask for patent attorneys on the survey, I assume you mean USPTO licensed patent attorneys, correct? Or do you want all IP attorneys?

  2. Posting said submissions could be made through Feb 1st, but I tried today (Jan 31st) and the response was that the filing was closed.

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