hosting multiple WordPress sites on one Synology box

I’ve worked out how to host multiple WordPress sites on a single Synology box.  You can read the how-to article here.  Please post comments and suggestions and corrections in the comments below.

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  1. Hello,
    Thanks a lot for your tutorial.
    I installed 2 wordpress sites on my Synology NAS using this method.
    I juts had to use ‘localhost:/run/mysqld/mysqld10.sock’ in place of ‘localhost” to access the database, but all runs… except mailpoet plugin that cannot access the database.
    Did someone slove such an issue ?

  2. Hi, I saw many links on the internet about how to host multiple WordPress-site on a Synology-NAS. But yours on is very good. I have followed it step-by-step. Only 2 things can be improved. Not sure whether this was specifically to be done on my Synology (DS920+, latest DSM-version at the moment of this message) :

    (1) while creating the virtual-host through package “Web Station”, do the below steps :
    a. Go to Web Station
    b. Select PHP Settings
    c. Double-click the PHP profile you are using (or click once and choose [Edit])
    d. Select General Settings and scroll to the extensions list
    e. Find mysqli and enable by placing a checkmark
    f. Push the [OK] button (no restart required)

    These steps were found in :

    (2) during your step “Run the WordPress software by visiting the web page https:// and domain name slash wp-admin” :
    a. for database-host , do not use “localhost”, but “localhost:/run/mysqld/mysqld10.sock” . This was found on

    For the rest , all your mentioned steps were perfect and very well explained !

    Thanks a lot !

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