Learn the Patent Cooperation Treaty from video lectures

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WIPO offers a series of twenty-nine video lectures which can be very helpful if you want to learn about the Patent Cooperation Treaty.  These videos are very well made, and the presenter, Mr. Matthias Reischle, is a very good presenter.  I particularly like the intro theme song music.

The PCT has the potential to be a bit dry at times.  Matthias does a very good job of injecting some energy into the various topics.

One particularly nice touch is that the lectures are closed-captioned, meaning that you can click on the “cc” button and see English subtitles.  This could be particularly helpful for the viewer for whom English is a second language.

The table below provides the duration of each of the lectures.  The running time of the twenty-nine lectures adds up to six hours and fourteen minutes.  That may seem like a long time, but it will be time well spent.  I recommend these lectures.

Have you watched the lectures?  Did you find them helpful?  Please post a comment below.

Episode Duration Title
1 17:26 Introduction to the PCT System
2 09:04 Basics of the PCT
3 17:56 Filing Applications
4 11:53 Declarations under Rule 4.17
5 12:23 Representation of PCT Applicants
6 12:23 Priority Claims and Priority Documents
7 08:49 Correction/Addition of Priority Claims
8 16:57 Correction of Defects in an International Application
9 09:18 Incorporation by Reference
10 07:37 Rectification of Obvious Mistakes
11 10:49 Recording of Changes to Bibliographic Data under PCT Rule 92bis
12 10:45 Functions of the Receiving Office
13 16:09 Functions of the Receiving Office of the International Bureau
14 15:24 International Search
15 12:19 Supplementary International Search
16 11:50 Whether to File a Demand
17 09:40 International Preliminary Examination – Procedures
18 12:30 International Preliminary Examination – Purpose
19 14:18 Unity of Invention
20 08:15 Functions of the International Bureau
21 18:22 International Publication
22 09:44 Access to the File
23 11:22 PCT Fees
24 15:22 Amendments
25 02:16 Entry into the National Phase
26 09:23 Restoration of the Right of Priority
27 15:18 Withdrawal
28 09:31 Disclosure of Microorganisms and Biological Materials
29 13:31 Disclosure of Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequence Listings

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