How long a trademark Request to Divide takes?

If you are an active trademark practitioner before the USPTO, the E-Trademarks listserv is a good place to hang out.  Here is a question that a listserv member posted to the discussion group:

Does anybody have an idea of how long it takes to process a request to divide?  That last one I filed took about 2 days, but that was some time ago.  I am currently waiting on one I filed over three weeks ago.  Does anybody know the standard timeline these days?
How long do you suppose it takes for the Trademark Office to act upon a Request to Divide?

Here are the first five responses posted by listserv members:

  • “I did one last month and it took 8 days.”
  • “My last one took 18 days.”
  • “Last one I filed (in the fall) took about 5 weeks.”
  • “7-8 weeks on my last one approved in February.”
  • “I win (?). I have one that has been pending for 5 months.”

It’s interesting to see the fairly wide variation in processing times for this activity at the USPTO.

How long did your most recent Request to Divide take at the Trademark Office?  Please post a comment below and let people know.

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