“Make America Great Again!” trademarked by Donald Trump?

(Trump files three more trademark applications:  followup blog post here.)

It turns out that Donald Trump filed a US trademark application in 2012 for the mark “Make America Great Again”.  In May of this year he filed a Statement of Use and barring some surprise, the USPTO will soon grant a trademark registration.

The identified services are “political action committee services, namely, promoting public awareness of political issues” and “fundraising in the field of politics”.

7 Replies to ““Make America Great Again!” trademarked by Donald Trump?”

  1. It’s a pity that the classification manual doesn’t have a class for “relentless self-promotion”, subclass “political”, sub-subclass “while never having actually pursued a political campaign” – the Donald’s application would fit right in there.

  2. In Trump’s opinion, this mark is (must be!) immediately *descriptive* of the function, purpose and use of the services provided. If the applicant himself believes the mark is descriptive, should it be issued?

  3. Is the phrase Make America Great Again trade marked for people making hand made dolls. With the logo on the will shirts? A friend of mind wants to make the hand made dolls of Mr.Trump with that phrase on the doll caps.
    Who would she contact?

    1. Hello this is your blogger Carl Oppedahl. Thank you for your comment. In this situation you should consult competent trademark counsel who can consider your specific situation when advising you.

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