Maybe things are stable at VOIP.MS

I cringe to imagine how stressful things must have been in recent weeks at VOIP.MS, the provider of unbundled VOIP telephone services that we like to use.  As I reported in earlier blog posts, they were apparently attacked by a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacker that demanded a ransom as a condition of stopping the attack.  My impression is the attacker never penetrated any of the systems of VOIP.MS, but merely flooded its servers with spurious data packets that were intended to overwhelm the servers so that normal customer activity was not able to take place.  

Anyway, the result of all of this is that the people at VOIP.MS had to take a variety of measures to harden their servers against the attack.  This required them to devise sophisticated ways to turn away the spurious packets while still, hopefully, allowing legitimate data packets from ordinary customers to work their way to the servers.  

So by now in our firm, we have migrated all of our phones and ATAs and other devices over to the various newly hardened servers.  And we have been doing daily tests of the various functions, including test calls to the ever-popular test phone number 720-230-1331 (try calling it!).  And so far as we can see, things are stable now.

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