MBHB and Schwegman — making the profession better

Last week I blogged that I was astonished (in a nice way) to learn that the Schwegman firm will be providing in-person continuing legal education free of charge in a few weeks in San Jose, California.  Schwegman will actually be providing two days of free training — a first day about best practices for patent docketing, and a second day about the Patent Cooperation Treaty.  The patent docketing class will be all day on February 22 and the PCT class will be all day on February 23.

Schwegman is not, however, the only firm doing such nice things.  McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP, perhaps better known as MBHB, has offered many free-of-charge continuing legal education webinars.  I have just now signed up to attend their most recently announced webinar, which will take place on February 22.  The title is Patent-Eligibility Update: Abstract Ideas in the Federal Circuit and USPTO.  To learn more about the webinar, or to sign up, click here.

OPLF has offered some free CLE webinars in the past, and, inspired by Schwegman and MBHB, we will offer some free CLE webinars in the near future.  If you want to be sure of hearing about the free CLE webinars when they get scheduled, be sure to subscribe to this blog.

Who would like to join me in complimenting Schwegman and MBHB in their public-spirited activities?  Post a comment below, and share this blog article with someone whom you know at each of the two firms.

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  1. I agree that MBHB’s webinars are top notch and the topics they cover are generally very interesting to me.

    Thank you, MBHB!

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