MTB XI – the photographs

Last night was Meet the Bloggers XI.  Yes, the eleventh annual reception.  Henry’s Pub, the same restaurant in San Diego where the first and original Meet the Bloggers took place ten years ago, was closed to the public for the night for this special event.  Meet the Bloggers XI In this exterior shot of the restaurant you can see maybe half of the people who attended this reception.

20150504_211441 In this shot you can see Erik Pelton giving out some of the door prizes.

(You can click on either thumbnail image to see the full-size photograph.) About 450 attended this event, which gave an opportunity to meet these bloggers:

Tonight will be the E-Trademarks reception, starting at 5PM at the House of Blues in San Diego.  To learn more about the E-Trademarks reception or to RSVP, click here.

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