7 Replies to “No IFW?”

  1. It was there yesterday but internet goblins ate it today. I’m going to ping my pat examiner buddies to see when the heck the PTO is going to bring things online.

    1. My sources say internal systems such as PALM, OACS (OA writing platform), and PE2E (docketing) are out of commission or running on turtle speed. Although EAST/WEST is working. System’s are slated to go online tomorrow and count Tuesday could be moved to Thursday now. Taco Tuesday might be Taco Thursday 😉

  2. The IFW was there this morning Monday 08/20 around 10:30 am EDT, but none of the documents would open up, presumably because the documents themselves are stored in the PALM database that is offline. I just tried searching for an application in Public PAIR (4:45 pm EDT) and nothing comes up. The tab says “Waiting for portal.uspto.gov.”

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