Paralegals! Try to get your attorneys to sign up for this webinar

This blog article is directed to paralegals and legal assistants and secretaries and administrative assistants.

I am going to make a stab-in-the-dark guess that at least one of your attorney bosses is avoiding learning about ePCT because they want to assume that you will be the one who keeps on top of knowing how to use ePCT. 

You and I both know, they need to learn at least a little bit about ePCT.

So how can we get them to learn a little bit about ePCT?

The answer is, convince them to attend this webinar.  It is free of charge.  Thursday, March 9 at 10AM Mountain Time.  The entire goal of the webinar is to motivate attorneys to suck it up and learn at least a little about ePCT.

You can download and print out the slides here.

To register for the webinar, click here.

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