Paying maintenance fees has gotten easier

In the old days (more than two weeks ago), when you were paying some maintenance fees, you had to treat each individual maintenance fee as a separate task.  For each maintenance fee, you had to hand-key six categories of information — the credit card number, the expiration date, the CCV code, the cardholder name, the billing address, and the billing Zip code.  For a filer who was paying more than one maintenance fee, this was tedious.  But two weeks ago, things got easier.

Yes, as of two weeks ago, it has been possible to pay multiple maintenance fees in a single payment session.  This means you only have to deal with the payment mechanism once.

What’s more, the process of “dealing with the payment mechanism” is faster and easier than before.  Instead of hand-keying the six pieces of credit card information, you can simply pick the credit card from a drop-down list of previously stored payment mechanisms.  You then key in the CCV code, click “pay”, and Bob’s your uncle.

The FM system has been available for two weeks now.  Presumably you configured your FM user accounts two weeks ago.  But if you have not done so yet, you can visit the Financial Manager setup page to set things up.

Have you successfully paid a maintenance fee (or maybe multiple maintenance fees) using this new FM system?  Please post a comment to let me know how it went.

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  1. We have (and we like it!), but we immediately noticed that if you submit your payment after 2 pm Eastern, your payment date will show the date for the following day, though the receipt time indicates the submission date. They are aware of the issue, and stated that their technical system within Financial Manager was set up “this way.” They LAO stated that the receipt time would be honored.

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