Please consider signing a letter to Commissioner for Trademarks about “where you sleep at night”

(Update:  the letter has been sent.  See blog article.)

Hello, dear readers.  This is urgent.

Yesterday, the Trademark Office published 20837 supposedly private email addresses of trademark applicants, even though two years ago it promised the Trademark Public Advisory Committee it would protect those email addresses from public view (blog article).  

If the Trademark Office is going to slip up and reveal twenty thousand supposedly private applicant email addresses, then it is only a matter of time before the Trademark Office slips up and reveals a hundred thousand addresses where trademark applicants sleep at night.

And a few of them will be people who absolutely did not want the world to know where they sleep at night, and for very good reasons, and it will be the kind of thing that we will all feel sick to our stomachs about.  That’s if we don’t do something about it.

So here it is, a letter for review and possible signature.  I want it to land on Commissioner Gooder’s desk right away, while he is still stinging from the realization yesterday that his office published the twenty thousand supposedly private email addresses.  I have in mind closing this letter for signature two days from now (Friday) at close of business.  So let’s not put this off.  Let’s review the letter today and if you are going to sign it, please sign it today.  And if you know of somebody else that you think ought to know about this letter, please bring this to their attention today.

To see the letter, and for possible signature, click here.

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