Please consider signing this letter to the Commissioner for Patents about DAS

(Update:  The letter got sent on February 22, 2020.  See blog post.)

You can see here a letter that will get sent to the Commissioner for Patents, Drew Hirshfeld, on about February 22.  Please consider adding your name to the signature list of the letter.  

In the letter, the signers ask four things.

  • The signers ask that the USPTO discontinue its present practice of intentionally and actively aging PDX and DAS retrieval requests. They ask instead that going forward, the USPTO retrieve priority documents from PDX and DAS at the time that the applicant requests such retrieval.  See for example this blog article and this blog article.
  • The signers also ask that USPTO discontinue the PDX system, so that going forward, priority document retrieval from the EPO can take place through the DAS system.  See for example this blog article.
  • The signers suggest that Form PTO/SB/38 be reformatted so that the boxes for the important information (application number, DAS access code, filing date, Office of first filing) be large enough to permit text to be entered in a font that is easily read by the human eye even after the form has been degraded in the e-filing process.  See this blog article.
  • Finally, the signers ask that USPTO become a Depositing Office with respect to international patent applications (PCT applications) that have been filed at the RO/US (the receiving office of the USPTO).  See this blog article.

To see the letter, and to see how to sign it, click here.


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