Reflecting on the “eighty-four practitioners and applicants” letter

I have had a moment to reflect upon the letter that just got sent from Eighty-four Practitioners and Applicants to the Executive Director of the European Union Intellectual Property Office.  (You can read about it here.)

I am very proud and honored to be among the eighty-four signers of this letter. I am personally acquainted with some of the signers.

One of the signers whose name I recognize is an individual who filed one design application in EUIPO and then filed in the US and had to go to a lot of trouble to obtain a physical certified copy to perfect the priority claim in the US. That individual knows as well as anyone does, what a benefit will flow to the design community if and when EUIPO joins DAS.

Other signers whose names I recognize include some of the leading lights in the world of very experienced design protection practitioners, some of whom were serving design clients long before I ever was.

Thank you to those who signed. Let’s hope that the EUIPO chooses to join DAS and chooses to do it soon.


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