Search fee for ISA/EP to increase on September 1

The search fee for US applicants at the EPO will increase on September 1, 2017.  The search fee is presently $1992 but will increase to $2099.  Here is how the search fees will rank after the fee change:

  • EP – $2099
  • US – $2080
  • AU – $1688
  • SG – $1552
  • JP – $1372
  • KR – $1114
  • US – $1040 (small entity)
  • IL – $963
  • US – $520 (micro entity)
  • RU – $482

As you can see, with this fee change, EP will again retain its long-standing status of being the most expensive of the searching authorities available to PCT filers in RO/US.  The cheapest ISA is still ISA/RU.

Which searching authorities are readers using these days?  Please post a comment with your thoughts about various searching authorities and why you might or might not pick a particular ISA.

4 Replies to “Search fee for ISA/EP to increase on September 1”

  1. Carl, good to know… do you have a source link to the official notice regarding the upcoming fee increase.

  2. Carl, Thanks for your reply. I find it odd that the WIPO would bury a patent fee increase into a pdf document.

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