A shutter for the camera on your notebook computer

On the notebook computer of a friend or colleague, I have often seen a piece of a Post-it stuck to the camera opening.  The person who does this is prompted by the fear, perhaps not an unreasonable fear, that a bit of malware might turn on the cameracamhatch2 and permit someone to spy upon the user.

I was fascinated to learn of a commercial product that addresses this concern, and is elegant in its simplicity.  

The product is the aptly named Camhatch shutter.  It’s 0.7 mm thick.  You peel off a waxed-paper backing to expose the adhesive, you position it into place, and there it is.  You slide the shutter one way to use your camera and you slide it the other way to cover up the camera lens.

I recommend it.

The company’s web site is here.


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