Submit your design patent total for the 2014 US design patent rankings

How many US design patents did your firm handle in 2014?  The last ones for 2014 issued yesterday, Tuesday, December 30.  So now you can figure out how many you filed in 2014, and send in your submission for our ranking.  Here is the questionnaire for you to complete and submit.

I will publish the results in February of 2015.

The closing date for submissions will be January 31, 2015.

It would be really good if the ranking can be complete.  Please forward this article to all of the design filers that you know, so that they can send in their submissions as well.

I did a very rough count and here were some of the firms I found that had pretty high numbers of US design patent grants in 2014:

  • Banner & Witcoff 790
  • Sughrue 299
  • Muncy Geissler 234
  • Cantor Colburn 223
  • Foley & Lardner 222
  • Morgan Lewis 219
  • Birch Stewart  210
  • Sterne Kessler 205
  • Knobbe  172
  • Saidman 170
  • Kilpatrick 143
  • Nixon Vanderhye 104 (corrected from 134 when I did the search wrong)
  • Crowell & Moring 133
  • Rader Fishman 120
  • Westerman Hattori 111
  • Finnegan Henderson 104

These numbers are only approximate and I might easily have done a search wrong or missed a firm with lots of filings.  This is part of why I hope you will send this posting to all of the design filers you know, so that the listing can be more accurate and more complete.

Here is a sample of a type of search that you might want to try in the USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database as part of working out how many design filings you have:

apt/4 and (lrep/oppedahl or lrep/oppendahl) and isd/$/$/2014

In this case I listed our firm name spelled correctly and also spelled in a way that USPTO has incorrectly spelled on some granted patents.

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