Supercharging station with lots of plugs

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This photo shows a charging station in Baker, California.  At left are twelve Electrify America supercharging spots.  At right are forty Tesla charging spots.  Behind this is a construction area where there will soon be fifty more Tesla charging spots.  All of these charging spots are shaded by canopies made of, you guessed it, photovoltaic solar panels.  The Tesla charging station also has battery storage. 

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Here is a placard from the battery storage equipment at the Tesla sation.  At lower right are inverters receiving direct current from the solar panels.  At top left are controllers for the car charging.  Between them is battery storage.

I estimate there are about 1000 solar panels at the Tesla station.  On a sunny day this might yield as much as 400 kW of power.

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At right is a screen shot showing a Tesla charging session at 441 miles per hour.

Turning now to the EA station, according to a press release it has battery storage capable of delivering at a level of 1.5 MW for two full hours. Its canopy is said to have a 66-kilowatt solar array.

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    1. They are definitely connected to the grid at this station in Baker, CA. Several articles in the popular press sort of breathlessly suggest that the chargers are powered only by solar and by battery storage. But those articles are wrong. There are electric company power transformers at both the EA charging station and at the Tesla charging station, big ones. At the EA station there is a one-megawatt transformer and at the present (operational) Tesla charging station there is a 2-megawatt transformer.

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