The Trademark Office corrects its databases

About thirteen hours ago I posted a blog article noting that the Trademark Office made lots of mistakes when it issued six thousand trademark registrations yesterday.  In that blog article, I wrote:

I imagine this blog article will eventually prompt the Trademark Office to correct its databases for the six thousand registrations that issued yesterday.  I wonder how many days that will take.

The blog article also got cited in the e-Trademarks listserv.

We now have our answer.  It took about thirteen hours.  Just now, corrected Notices of Registration have arrived and they actually cite the registration number instead the way it was before, with a gap in the text where the registration number should be.  Previously the registration number was missing from TSDR but as of now, the Trademark Office has updated TSDR to cite the registration number.  Previously, the “maintenance” tab was missing but now it is there.

For those keeping score at home, no, nobody at the Trademark Office has gotten in touch to thank me for pointing out this problem.

4 Replies to “The Trademark Office corrects its databases”

  1. Well, the reason why the TMO has not reached out to you to thank you is likely because they don’t want to acknowledge they screwed up and their systems are prone to malfunction.

    Also, apparently an attorney (who is not an officer of TM Holder) can revoke another previously appointed attorney (not even in same firm) and appoint himself as the new attorney of record as long as the timing is right. I didn’t think it was possible, but I guess it is.

  2. Trademark Office “suspended” thousands of TM applications since 2022, for no apparent reason. They’ve had 2 full years now to either cancel them or put them back into exam. How lazy and incompetent are they?

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